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Mauvais Genres Extended
Par Laurent Paulré

Chaque 1er Vendredi du mois 22:00 On Air

« MG extended, c’est l’annexe de la playlist de Mauvais Genres dont je fais la réalisation depuis presque 10 ans sur France Culture. On y retrouve certains des morceaux diffusés dans l’émission mais pas seulement, on y découvre ceux qui n’ont pas été retenus au montage final mais également ceux qui par leur univers, leur sonorité ou présents dans ma discothèque ou mon cerveau ont pu me permettre de cheminer jusqu’à eux, une sorte de préquel sonore en quelque sorte, un fil conducteur auditif et sensitif le plus souvent caché qui, grâce à ensemble 0 (for radio)*, permet d’être dévoilé. »

― Laurent Paulré

*ensemble 0 (for radio) est la radio de l’ensemble 0 – programmée par Stéphane Garin & Catherine Luro.


#1 / _Harvest moon_Innere Tueren (Kann records) / _Fixer_Aries mond (IIKKI) / _Lyricist of Panic_UCC Harlo (Subtext) / _Arun_Ancestral voices (Horo) / _Slow dance_Ossia (Blackest ever Black) / _Murmures_Flora yin wong (Canvas) / _Curtain_The golden filter (Dischi Autunno) / _Trux_Soda (Office recordings) / _Iuz nie boli_Ola Szmidt (Ola Szmidt records) / _The monologue_Snowdrops (Gizeh records) /_Shima no musume_Kouta Katsutaro (Death is not the end) / _In search of balance_Reginald omas mamode IV (Five easy pieces) / _Wackelkontakt I_Mario Hammer and the lonely robot (Cocoon recordings) / _A chance to rest_Lena Raine (Lcal action) / _Bizarre love square_Former boy (Rap Vacation) / _Sabana de luz_Helado Negro (RVNG intl) / _Move to the front (disco mix)_Jayda G (Ninja tune) / _Ageci_Lackluster / _Gnossienne#1_Morgan Fisher (Strawberry records) / _Jack the ripper_Charlie Magira and the bet she am valley (Numero group) / _Weather locklear_Busdriver and Daedelus (Mush)

#2 / _Kara-Lis_Coverdale_Grafts_2c (Boomkat editions) / Krater_Skysensor_Isolate (Rwina records) / _Hilsa_Hilsa_Cathedral (Youngbloods) / _Bobby Oroza_This love_Alone again (Big crown records) / _Merzbow_Genesis_Breyer (P-Orridge) / _Earthen a cold spring sampler_ A perfect restraint (Cold spring) / _Lunz_Lunz 3_Enough (Gronland records) / _Alogte oho and his sounds of joy_Allema Timba_Allema Timba (Philophon) / _Isambard khroustaliov_This is my private beach_Atoll song (No label) / _Simba a milton gulli_The heroes_Electric relaxation version instru (BBE) / _Elyas khan_Bells_Bells (BBE) / _Cam gnarly_Gnarvana_Navigate (The order label) / _Doukkala_Outrance_Mascarade (Promesses) / _Neil scrivin_Stars and rumours of stars_Skywatch (Fonolith) / _Roger 23_Is demanding for a cultural negotiation_From interval to interval pleasure mix (Ilian tape) / _Rajoicer_I and I rejoice_I and I rejoice (Raw tapes) / _Camedor_Portal_Mineral (Debacle records) / _Topdown dialectic_Topdown dialectic_Track 1 (/\\Aught) / _llicist_Point defects_Ihnen steg (Morr music) / _R. Elisabeth_Season of error_Season of error (Where to now) / _Lunz_Lunz 3_Tenebrous (Gronland records) / _Son lux_Remnants_Stand (This is meru) / Lee Fields_It vrains love_It rains love (Big crown records)

#3 / (Lullabies for insomniacs) / _Kelly moran_Autowave (Warp records) / _Michael Price_From night (Erased tapes) / _Anadol_Adieun (Kinship) / _Hey colossus_(Decompression) (Alter) / Danielle de Picciotto_Sehnsucht (Louder than war) / _Seu Jorge & Maria Rita_Vento de maio (Not on a label) / _Seito_Meitei (Metron records) / _Kelly Moran_Halogen (Warp records) / _Suono suono_Tapas (Ding dong records and tapes) / _Mazouni_Adieu la france (Born bad) / _Poinciana_Afro blue parsuasion (Mo jazz records) / _Ballad for goa_Joe Harriott (Vocalion) / _The Tiniest lights still shine_Culross close (Esencia) / _Nicolette_You are heaven sent (Talkin loud) / _Vibraphone_Josiah Steinbrick (Banana editions) / _The fold_Mathias Aguayo (Crammed discs) / _The Edge Of Life_Fire! orchestra (Rune grammofon) / _Oh I miss her so_Holy hive (Big crown records) / _Coming home again_Cracky (Numero group) / _I knew you would respond_Helm (Pan records) / _Can you feel it_Voices of east harlem (Just sunshine records)

#4 / Laneous_Introduction (Soul has no tempo) / _Dans dans_Meditation (Unday records) / _Ongon_Exuvia (Loup editions) / _Kassel Jaeger_Ocelli for Nvd (Latenty) / _Resavoir_Taking flight (International anthem) / _Laneous_Wanna be your girl (Soul has no tempo) / _Henrik Schwarz Alma quartet_ccmyk9 (Between buttons) / _Draft 38_Rone (Infiné) / _Soleil arrangé_Raymonde (Vlek) / _Birds_Chassol (Tricatel) / _Afternoon carafe_Albrecht la brooy (Apollo records) / _Umay_Galya bisengalieva (Nomad music productions) / _Thee sinseers_It was only a dream (Colemine records) / _Dennis farnon_Regression (KPM records) / -Stéphane Grappelli_Rolls (Rambling records) / _Auntie Flo_Call of the church (Against fascism trax) / _Georgia_Amphistoc (Ekster) / _Holly herndon_Canaan (4AD) / _Matthieu Serruys_Cheval blanc (B.A.A.D.M) / _Kate tempest_Three sided coins (American recordings) / _Paulie Jan_Frotti frotta (Intervision) / _Rob Burger_Bent moon (Western vinyl) / _Kamikaze space programme_Rain (Osiris) / _Thomas Newman_Dead already (Dreamworks records) / _Labi Siffre_Bless the telephone (Pye international)

#5 / _Bryan Senti_Suburban life (Phantom limb) / _Sunggun Jang_Figure 1 (Daehan electronics) / _Edhen Ahbez_Nature boy (Accent) / _Daedelus_Puts you under (Brainfeeder) / _Boylan_Can’t (Teklife) / _Tony or Tony_The pull up (Quiet time tapes) / Kota Motomura_Satellites (Hobbes Music) / _Tony or Tony_Home (Quiet time tapes) / _Giuseppe Cordaro_Cane malu (Kesh) / _De Beren Gieren_Broensgebuzze 8.2 (Sdban Ultra) / _Jon Keliehor_Golden Castle (Invisible Inc) / _Remo seeland_Body innovation (Hallow Ground) / _Different Fountains_Vein Satori (Different Fountains Editions) / _Resavoir_Taking flight (International Anthem company) / _George Smallwood_Loser (PPU) / _Slauson Malone_Ttrabul (Grand Closing) / _RIP Swirl_Spring Break (Possession) / _Iron Curtis_Strategie ’98 (Office Recordings) / _Jonny Nash & Linsay Todd_Dengue (Island of the Gods) / _Fink_We Watch the stars (R’Coup’D) / _UCC Harlo_June 29th (Subtext) / _Laraaji_All of a Sudden (Numero group) / _Sunggun Jang_Figure 6 (Daehan electronics)

#6 /_Freedom Engine_Worlds above (Dekmantel) / _Teebs_Slumber (Brainfeeder) / _Sean O’Hagan_Radum calls (Drag City) / _Ka Baird_Pulse (RVNG intl) / _Kruder and Dorfmeister_Definition (G Stones recordings) / _DJ Nigga Fox_Sub zero (Principe) / _Pierre Bachelet_Coup de tête (Le Pop Club Records) / _Hildur Guonadottir_Defeated clown (Water Tower Music) / _Aardwack_Monkey formula (Crowd) / _Swindle_What we do (Brownswood Recordings) / _Charles Aznavour_Le jour se lève (Barclay) / _Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Mayer_Something there somewhere (Faitiche) / _Girl Band_Prolix (Rough Trade) / _Ferro Gaita_Rei di tabanka (Ostinato records) / _Kreidler_Eurydike (Bureau B) / _Charles Barabé_Mouvement III (Astral spirits) / _Nils Frahm_The roughest trade (Erased Tapes Records) / _Christine Ott & Torsten Bottcher_Morning (Gizeh records) / _Lo Kindre_Interlud (12th isle) / _Yuk_Paraiso theme (Leaving records) / _Lee Fields_Rains (Big crown records) / _Ssiege_Turbo in sviluppo (Youth) / _Kid loco_Relaxing with cherry (Yellow) / _Andrea Belfi_Fault (Float) / _Matthew Halsall_This time (Gondwana records) / _Krikor_Looker (Tigersushi) / _The Beatles_Goodnight (Apple Records)

#7 / _Fernando Falco_Amanhecer Tabajara (Optimo music) / _Ecker & Meulyser_Sea Change (Subtext) / _Mohammad Reza Mortazavi_Exploring (Latency) / _Mika Vainio_Olento (Sahko Recordings) / _E L Fields Gospel Wonders_Heaven Bound (Daptone records) / _Kajsa Lindgren_Trio for Cello Piano and Violin (Warm Winters) / _Juan Farcik_Domino (Archipel) / _Ingus Bauskenieks_19 10 89 (Stroom) / _Bella Boo_Way Chill (Studio Barnhus) / _Boards of Canada_Happy Cycling (Warp) / _Cybe_Bali Pulau Bagus (Stroom) / _Anna Calvi_You are not God (UMC) / _Happy Trendy_15 (Carpi records) / _Steven Legget_Siga Siga (Firecracker Recordings) _Matthew Halsall_Together Gondwana Records) / _Menahan Street Band_Karina (Dunham) / _Yeule_See your Space Cowboy (Bayonnet records) / _Happy Trendy_15 (Carpi records) / _Land of Kush_Bone Mass (Constellation) / _Andrew Pekler_Approximate Bermeja (Faitiche) / _Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannet_Track 1 (Dondellion Records) / _Omma_Ready when you are (Antinote) / _Topdown Dialectic_A4 (Peak oil) / _Fernando Falco_Curimao (Optimo music) / _The Hers / Tony (Sex Lies Magnetic Tapes) / _Steven Legget_Forte (Firecracker Recordings) / _Brainstory_Thank you (Big crown Records)

#8 _Blake Hargreaves_Prelude At Chiesa Di San Filippo Neri, Genova (Ultra Eczema) / _Wajatta_Don’t let get you down (Brainfeeder) / _Shinatama_Connect to me (Dream Catalogue) / _Vilod_Ohnesarg (Mana) / _Matthew Halsall_This time (Gondwana records) / _Klein_We are almost there (Ljn Inc) / _Olivier Doerell_Duett (Oxmose) / _Herbert_So now (Accidental) / _Précipité_Inharmonic étude 2 (Brocoli) / _Clever Austin_B7 (Touching Bass) / _Tino Contreras_Musica Infinita (Centro de la cultura Pré Americana) / _Las ondas marteles_Y Después de Todo (Bleu Electric) / _Michael Vincent Waller_Return from LA (Unseen worlds) / _Précipité_Nénuphars (Brocoli) / _Santport_Ballooned (Friends of Friends) / _La Funk Mob_Ravers Suck Our Sound (Mo Wax) / _Thomas de Pourquery_Love in outter space (Quark records) / _Foodman_Moriyama (Palto flats) / _Untitled_Zigtrax (Workshop) / _Leonardo Boccia_Homenagem (Lugar Alto) / _Untitled_Civilistjavel! (Not on label) / _Steve Pepe_Fuor D’acqua (Macadam Mambo) / _Syreeta_Black Maybee (Mowest)

#9 _Systrinx_Gavouna (Melodic) / _I am new here_Gis Scott Heron & Makaya McCraven (XL Recordings) / _Intro_Perko (Numbers) / _All the way round_Kelpe (Drut Recordings) / _Jamileh_Ihsan Al Munzer (Fortuna Records) / _Elliptical footsteps_Neinzer (Whities) / _For the love of weeping_Shackleton (Woe To The Spectic Art!) / _Rău E Doamne Bolnăvioară_Gabi Lunca (Electrecord) / _Accept Denial_Appropriate Savagery (Vaknar) / _Invention 4_Arandel (Infiné) / _Roman Gold_Boa (Warp) / _Broken symmetry_Robert Haigh (Unseen Worlds) / _Naeku-Nicolas Cruz (Multi Culti) / _Sukhe Phool_Yorkston & Thorne & Khan (Domino Recording co) / _Mammut_K Pierco (Batch) / _Palmer speak for you_Robin Schlochtermeier (Denovali Records) / _The Hours descend_Hojo + Kraft (Nonclassical) / _Crosing over forest_Tuulikki Bartosik (Nonclassical) / _Some Kjazz Eternity_Nick Malkin (Soda Gong) / _Bambo forest_Mr Elevator (Castle Face) / _Don’t let the Dragon Draag On_King Krule (Matador) / _Wet Digital_Perila (Sferic) / _Symmetry_33EMYBW (SVBKVLT) / _The Window_Douglas Dare (Erased Tapes Records) / _Submerge_Paul Weller (Ghost Box) / _Zabran_KNR (Disk) / _Intro_Perko (Numbers) / _Mister Sun_Greentea Peng (Different recordings)

#10_Alabaster dePlume_The Lucky Ones (International Anthem Recording Compagny) / _Johanna Knutsson_For Gwendoline (Lapsus Records) / _Lena Raine_Nightmare Intro (Local Action) / _Pedro_Calores (Enchufada) / _Etapp Kyle_Unseen (Ostgut Ton) / _Jacaszek_November Early (Ghostly International) / _Cucina Povera_Varjokuvatanssi (Night School) /_Ffod_Bonjour (Archipel Musique) / _Joyfultalk_Part I, I’ve got that trans-dimensional feeling again (Constellation) / _Luciano Esse_Rainy Night (Newrhythmic) / _Raviv Gazit_Two (Fortuna Records) / _Tricky feat Marta_Hate this Pain (False Idols) / _Matty_Selfportrait (Matty Unlimited) / _Jasmine Guffond_Forever Listening (Editions Mego) / _Och_Nu 64 (Rocket Recordings) / _Neinzer_Elliptical Footsteps (Whities 025) / _KNR_Zabran (Disk) / _Jan Tober & Ron Satterfield_Focus (Numero Group) / _Michael Vallera_Window In (Denovali Records) / _Tamburi Neri_Indio (Les Disques de la Mort) / _Echium_Considered Instances (Sferic) / _Ghedalia Tazartes_Casimodo Tango (Dais Records) / _Nicolas Jaar_Garden (Other people) / _Skalpel_Countless (No Paper records) / _Nobukazu Takemura_Crescent – Monika’s Universe Mix (Bellissima Records)


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