6 original sonic variations

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Flee, flight, fight, outflow, efflux, leak, and…

6 sonic variations for the same question : what makes you flee?

6 original “sound tracks” to move forward with Sophie Berger (Lyon), Félix Blume (Mexico), Sarah Boothroyd (Vancouver), Nicolas Perret & Silvia Ploner (Berlin), Christophe Rault (Bruxelles) & Valérie Vivancos (Paris).

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This very first PHAUNE BOX was produced thanks to the Discoveries Award from SCAM (The civil society of multimedia authors), awarded to Phaune Radio in 2015.


Wild & Edgeless Listening

24 hours a day, Phaune Radio invites you to explore animality and its worlds of sounds, to travel ever closer to wild and imaginary biotopes: Oblique music, horizontal sounds, sequined and feathered mixes, science & soundjacking, original foundtracks, tiny tunes, augmented radio, emerging species & voices, eartoys, time stretching…

Here is a cabinet of sound curiosities, ever moving, to discover the vitality of international radio creation, to dive into and indulge in natural and supernatural sounds. Make way for nature’s cheeky creativity, magnified by the phauna hook that turns every hour, every minute, every second into a given instinct, received and shared – in a burst of laugh, from deep within our guts.

Phaune Radio also rides the waves of curious radio stations, stretches itself out for sound installations whether indoors or outdoors, meshes for DIY workshops, and curls up in festivals for moments of shared listening.

As a natural extension of the 7 “Nuits de la Phaune, Phaune Radio is headed by Freq-Out: Floriane Pochon, Stéphane Jourdan, Clément Baudet, Laurie Guétat & Tony Regnauld. Phaune Radio also feeds on precious sounds & skills from its worldwide mates, especially: Félix Blume, Connor Walsh, Alain Damasio, Cédric Anglaret, Nicolas Perret and many others…

In 2015, the Polyphaunes series received the Scam’s Radio Discovery Prize. The SGDL chose to award Alain Damasio with the Grand Prix de la Fiction Radio for Fragments Hackés d’un Futur qui résiste, made by Tarabust with Phaune Radio. Our hairy critter is also one of the 9 finalists for Prix Italia Golden Award, for New Radio Formats, chosen amongst 62 projects from 21 countries worldwide.


Grand Tuft Audio

On Air


Phaune Radio opens up and releases bubbling sounds: windows open on soundscapes from the wider world, bold, tousled or horizontal music, meetings with animals, documentaries and creative works (May contain ponies).

Phaune Radio, it’s Night & Day : An all-out awakening for the Early Birds, a tousled rules-bending daytime for the Smart Phaune addicts, and for the Night Owls, dark hours fly horizontally. (French timezone)

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HeadPhaune #6 : with Nicolas Perret & Silvia Ploner

“Somewhere you would not necessarily imagine going”

After our last stopover in Mexico City, we are now flying to Berlin.
There, we find Nicolas Perret and Silvia Ploner who invite us to visit their sonic and musical archipelago…

Fluid territories, sometimes invisible, that, because they are alive, move, and often collide.
Mysterious islands, which are more than a possibility, and where each new creation consists of composing with the world.
The world no longer as an environment, as “what surrounds”, but as a milieu, as a center where to grow the wildest ideas.

Headphaune #7, free-ear and perched questions, with Nicolas Perret and Silvia Ploner

Featuring: Lullaby – Moondog, Deltas – Kassel Jager, Knee Play – Philip Glass, Dances II – Rashad Becker, Nyey – Nicolas Perret & Silvia Ploner, I Got My Horse Right Outside – Nicolas Perret & Silvia Ploner, Face The Music – Kevin Blechdom.
Books: – Tim Ingold, The Companion Species Manifesto – Donna Haraway

Interview & edit: Floriane Pochon

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Ear you are



Phaune Radio can be found under natural conditions on the Internet, and also as Mp3 or Ogg via your favorite media player.
d[-_-]b New : Phaune Radio is now also available in 256 kbps for those who dare.
Keep calm and go wild, anytime, anywhere…



Mole Together


Away From Keyboard

Phaune Radio enjoys encountering people, to invent new connections in outlandish situations.

Phaune Radio also rides the waves of curious radio stations, stretches itself out for sound installations whether indoors or outdoors, and curls up in festivals for moments of shared listening.

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