Sonifere, Dance-Flora



By Floriane Pochon

Need for seed

“”The seed holds the time. We don’t know to what extent, neither does it. It waits for the right moment to come. It keeps and it erases time. Between its birth from the fruit, and the moment of its growth, nothing happens. Nothing for weeks, for months, for years. Sometimes for centuries. This ‘nothing’ erases time, but it contains life (…). And yet, small is the seed.”” 
Gilles Clément

What you are about to hear now is a kind of radiophonic essay. A strange sonic short form that takes root in a rather fertile vegetal imagination and stretches its leaves towards the sky, to connect realms.

Phaune Radio goes vegetal with this 26′ minutes work, made out of the research for the vegetal revolution of Fabula Review, presented at the Théâtre de la Reine Blanche in Paris in May 2016.

End of anthropocentrism, vegetal time and hybridisation of the reigns of the living, this 26 minutes piece is a tribute to everything that keeps growing.

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