Phaunoscopie #7 : Reconnect to the wild


Reconnect to the wild

With Kim Pasche

Interview Clément Baudet
Audio-edit Floriane Pochon

What if we reconnected to the wild world?

Becoming a prey again

“Where the wilderness begins”… In those wide open spaces where we learn to know ourselves differently, on the edges, in-between, in the solitude of the fair side of the world. There. This is where we’re heading to with Kim Pasche.

Inside and outside. In time and in space. Breathing the vast sky, silencing the world inside to start listening. Becoming a prey, lurking. Feeling those invisible ties that bind us. Find the right gestures. Beyond survival, write the story of a truly lived moment.

WITH REAL PIECES OF : “Beneath the Forest Floor” – Hildegard Westerkamp & “Ewalk” – Floriane Pochon & Cédric Chéty.

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