Tiny Tunes: Butterfly


Metamorphoses: Butterfly

Rec & edit: Floriane Pochon

How does one become a butterfly?

Tiny Tunes From The Wilder World

You have to want to learn to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.
― Trina Paulus

Somewhere at the end of a world, Phaune Radio travels in the folds of the living, where everything can arise, in search of what is not yet – but what is perhaps already there. In the amplified present of metamorphosis, we keep tracking and bending the thread of time to cross over the thresholds of these inner revolutions that give us fresh hair.

Since the dawn of time – 201 million years, more precisely – the butterfly has become a master in the art of reincarnation. From the egg to the imago, our lepidoptere renounces successively at least 3 bodies before being able to take flight and get closer to the sky. Because when the voracious caterpillar has its stomach full, the butterfly, essentially, can be made up on the fly.

Tiny story of the immense life of a butterfly, almost without effect.
On this stage, everything is possible.


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