Sur la piste Animale

⨳Listening Session

On the animal trail

13th November 2018 • 20:00 • Villa Gillet, Lyon

Running foxes, creaking trees, beasts that can be heard but never seen… Ears wide-open, we dive into the forest, mosses and stumps. A listening session that will smell like undergrowth and hazelnut, proposed by GMVL, le Collectif Météorites and Phaune Radio.

With tracks from Félix Blume (Gran Sabana), Bernard Fort (Brain Fever), Marc-Antoine Granier (Manque animal), Marc Namblard (Les amours de Goupil), Anne De Sterk (Homme Animal’sol), Péroline Barbet (Animal#1), Tarabust (L’écufreuil)…

Tuesday for Ears: 4 seasons, 4 sessions

Meteorites and the GMVL are launching a series of meetings dedicated to sound and radio creation. 4 seasons, 4 harvests of sounds to discover a new vibrant scene of authors.

Free Entrance / Mandatory membership to GMVL (3-5€)
On-site refreshment. Bring your cushions!


nuit#couchée 2 with Ensemble 0nuit#couchée 3 with Ensemble 0 (Metz)