⨳Installation ⨳Performance

Beauport Abbey, Paimpol

23d September 18:00 Beauport Abbey, Paimpol

«  “Without words, the cosmos expands. The cries of beasts and the music of springs, waves, and leaves, everything that forages and wriggles… It all grows. Without our words, the background becomes the foreground, and we move to the background. Conversely, as the universe enlarges, the space between us shrinks. Without words, we are more connected, closer like clusters.” »

Drawing inspiration from the poetic novel “Agrapha” de Luvan by Luvan, published by La Volte Editions, the sound creation ‘AGRAPHON’ unfolds the universe. We journey back in time. We immerse ourselves in the essence of what the 10th century was: its thoughts, rhythms, its birds, the profound sensitivity of existence among the trees. And even if all of this is not written in ‘Agrapha,’ between the lines, one might sense space opening up and making room for a sudden closeness with distant beings – very distant yet very alive.

Here, the breath of fauna and whispers of vegetation weave primitive and naturalistic sound phrases, a landscape of profound sensitivity. Field recordings and spoken words intertwine to create a vibrant and organic substance. Echoes, rebounds, counterpoints: a delicate immersion into a world that gradually shifts into a realm of mud and tectonics.

At the crossroads of words and sounds, with eyes closed, listening invites us to unfold the story of the senses and allows us to feel that a territory is nothing more than a composition, a dazzling opening of horizons. Thus, the exploration continues, like a secret yet offered initiation, where two times blend in three movements (here is the first). A hidden tapestry of invisible forces, animal languages, vegetal sensations, apocryphal waves, and elemental music. An immaterial echo addressing the world of today.

A delicate framework, woven with the voices of the women who bring life to the Abbey and the Herbe Folle, to be discovered during a special night featuring a sound installation, original scenography by Human Fabrics and Emilie Pedron, a performance, and a choral reading.

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