⨳Installation ⨳Performance Agraphón Beauport Abbey, Paimpol23d September 18:00 Beauport Abbey, Paimpol «  “Without words, the cosmos expands. The cries of beasts and the music of springs, waves, and leaves, everything that forages and wriggles... It all grows. Without our words, the background becomes the foreground, and we move to the background. Conversely, as the universe [...]


⨳Festival Cacophonies! 2023 BIENNALE OF THE LAUZES TRAIL27-29 July 2023 Lauzes Trail Saint-Mélany Convinced that new stories need to be invented to renew our relationship with the living, the fine team of the Sentier des Lauzes association in Ardèche humbly does its part by doing what it knows how to do best: inviting artists and [...]

Objectif Lune – We did walk on Earth

⨳Festival OBJECTIF LUNE With Le Bureau des Guides7th - 9th July 2023 From 16h From Lavera to St Julien les Martigues Three days of wandering in between with the Bureau des Guides. Sometimes under the sun and sometimes under the moon we will try to shed light from the stars on our relationship to the [...]

Solstice 2023

⨳On Air Solstice Reverse hours21st June 2023 From 6AM On Air From now on, days become shorter… To celebrate this solstice, on June 21st, Phaune Radio reverses the hours and during 24 hours, the night becomes the day, the day becomes the night. Share

nuit#couchée 7 avec l’Ensemble 0

⨳Listening Session NUIT#COUCHÉE 7 WITH ENSEMBLE 09th June 2023 • From 23h to 6h • Bayonne, Cité des Arts The #nuit couchée is a real listening room in love with the sounds present. For an entire night, comfortably installed in beds, live an original radio experience orchestrated by Stéphane Garin and let yourself drift to [...]


⨳On Air REVEIL 2023 With SoundtentFrom 6th to 7th May 2023 From 6:00 On air • Worldwide On Dawn Chorus Day, Reveil will make its tenth annual day-long loop of earth, travelling west on live audio feeds sent in by streamers around sunrise. Reveil brings us together at a distance around its ephemeral streams from [...]

Equinox Automne

⨳On Air Equinox Autumn 202223-24 September 2022 From 06:00am On Air • Worldwide For this new equinox, Phaune Radio makes you switch celestial hemisphere and reverse the hours in its stream. The day becomes night and vice versa, during a crop circle of the dial.. Share

Wild Listening

⨳Listening Session Wild Listening Evasive SpacesEvery Saturday, from 9th July to 27th August 2022 • 15:00 • Jardin des Plantes, Muséum D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France The Garden is this evasive space where we can escape all these kinds of things that invade us – a place where our clandestine hopes can be inspired by the [...]


⨳On Air REVEIL 2022 With SoundtentFrom 30 April to 1st May 2022 From 6:00 On air • Worldwide Reveil is a 24+1 hr radio broadcast that follows sunrise around the earth on Dawn Chorus Day, travelling west on live audio streams sent in by streamers at daybreak from their locations. Reveil brings city yards, remote [...]