Atelier de Création Radio



14-15th October 2017 9:30-18:00 Albarède Theatre, Ganges

Prior to the 4th edition of the Bivouac Radiophonique that will take place on 20th and 21st of April 2018, Radio Escapades and Phaune Radio offer you a radio workshop with the two radiomakers Laure Egoroff and Alexandre Plank.

In front of you: a door. A familiar door – car, apartment, mailbox… Yet, this door, once open, will make you switch to a world at odds. As Alice fallen into the rabbit’s hole, you are cast out to an unknown geography, an underworld, the kind that can emerge at night, when your eyelids are tight-closed.

Imagine the voices, the sounds of your very own ‘behind the scenes’… You write down your vision, imagine its atmosphere, its staging, and record what you need. You can bring your computer, recorder, or any object to make sounds. During 2 days, Laure Egoroff and Alexandre Plank accompany you to make these mini sonic scenes that will be broadcast during the Bivouac Radiophonique.

Limited to 10 persons.
Please book! 04 66 77 95 46 or [email protected]

Alexandre Plank
Alexandre Plank
Radio Maker
Alexandre Plank studied philosophy at the Bauhaus University of Weimar and dramaturgy at the Higher School of the National Theater in Strasbourg. He works for France Culture since 2010. He produces fictions and documentaries. He has created series of radio and musical creations such as Pop Fiction or Radiodrama. He has also translated works by Michel Serres, Jacques Derrida, Paul Virilio, Bernard Stiegler, Régis Debray, Marius von Mayenburg and Ferdinand Bruckner.
Laure Egoroff
Laure Egoroff
Radio Maker
Since 2010, Laure Egoroff produces radio shows of various formats and genres for the Fictions of France Culture and France Inter. Over the last years, she has directed the serials ``Madame Bovary``, ``Géographie du Purgatoire``, ``Jim Morrison Indoors / Outdoors`` and several 'fictions-gigs' for young audiences. She also signed two documentaries, a third being in preparation. She regularly intervenes with student actors or sound technicians in different structures.


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