Game of Phaune #8


Tangente: With Marc Namblard

Rec: Marc Namblard
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Woody Notes & whistling presences

In a world with so many other ends, sometimes we reach our hope’s, sometimes we are at wits’, sometimes they are loose or odd. It’s time to hear now more than a dead end, to listen to another piece of living breath. So today, Marc Namblard guides us and draws invisible harmonic paths, so we finally understand what is “fundamental”.
Woody notes, sound imprints, spectral appearances and whistling presences at a key crossroads, it’s Game of Phaune # 8, with Marc Namblard.

You can find some of Marc’s creations in the Phaune Radio stream, and on his site &

For this new podcast season, Phaune Radio keeps playing around with everything.
A game then, a game of cards and maps: hidden treasures for the eyes, but pearls for the ears, it’s up to you to see… It’s up to you to guess where the sounds take you!
Immersion, clues and decryption: an exploration at the very heart of the enigma of the living, guided by soundscapes lovers, to relate a place and find a bond.
In short, activate listening: take care and give joy.


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