Headphaune #1 with Alexandre Plank


With Alexandre Plank

By Clément Baudet

With no sensitivity, you're screwed

Radio Waves Maker

After Polyphaune‘s hairy whacky collages, after Phaunoscopie‘s scientific speech facing the hole reality, here is a brand new podcast season with HeadPhaune, free-ear & perched questions. 20 minutes every month to keep an ear on a common ground.

This time, Alexandre Plank plays the game. From “Occupy Wallstreet” to “The War of the Worlds”, an immersion in the sonic universe of a passionate “Radio Wave Maker” – radio dramas and documentaries producer for France Culture and a theatre director.

WITH REAL PIECES OF : La Guerre des mondes – d’après H.G Wells, Occupy Wall Street, Geia chara ! – Tout ira bien – Alexandre Plank (France Culture), Ships with Souls – Kurt Stenzel, Nine – Autechre.

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