Sciences & Prospectives

2015 • 2016

What if plants invade cities?
What if we imagine life on earth in 10 millions years?
What if animals take over the web?
What if we put a chameleon on a mirror?
What if the living has already invented it all?
What if the future is wild?
What if…?

Phaune Radio faces the hole reality and invites herself into the imagination of today’s researchers: 30 minutes of monthly listening to draw vanishing points into current scientific theories and elaborate new futures. Obviously furry.

Phaunoscopie, Season 1, 7 episodes, 30 minutes, every month, on and on friendly radio waves.

WITH: Sébastien Steyer & Marc Boulay, Nathalie Blanc, Guillaume Lecointre, Roland Lehoucq, Guy Théraulaz, Vinciane Despret, Kim Pasche


Polyphaune #17 : Insects BallPhaunoscopie #1 : Animals From Future