Polyphaune #17 : Insects Ball


Insects Ball

By Limonadiac

Free riders and invisible creeportunists

Between moth & reality

There’s often an itchy region created from scratch. And because it’s by blowing the wind that one cuts wood, for this season finale, Phaune Radio invites Limonadiac to tour the countryside to gather the best of the beast: free riders and invisible creeportunists, antellectual properties, elastic crickets and music suspenders, wanna-bee mumble bee, free feelers and hornet’s nests, just in time to create the buzz on the fly.

So for the world to stay huge, forget your name, catch you launch bug, wear your dreams and scout the web, we offer you this last horsefly ride which still offer time to detour…

AVEC DES VRAIS MORCEAUX DE : Mu, Blind Blake, Jackson C.Frank, Spectrum, Sun City Girls, The Incredible String Band, Bernard Fort & Dominique Saint Martin, Andrei Volkonsky, Scott Smallwood, Chants d’insectes – Entomophonia, Jana Winderen, Elephant, Chris Watson, Dominique Petitgand, Stereolab, Welder, High Wolf, The Phantom Surfers, Synnack, The Strangers, Felix Laband, Les Phônes, Tom Waits, Manfred Trojahn, Giant Sand, God is my co-pilot, Ada Jones, Paul Metzger, Jean-Marc Duchenne, Today is the day, Birch and Meadow, Lucinda Williams, Al Bowlly, Ray Noble, Sufjan Stevens…

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