Polyphaune #9 : Poils Rats – Live @Monophonic Festival, Brussels


Poils Rats
Live @Monophonic Festival

By Floriane Pochon & Tony Regnauld

Those that resist

Pullulating possibles, thronging hopes

Sometimes, night can be incisive, night can gnaw the sleepers. At night, an entire people of kinky creatures would settle, those who infiltrate anywhere, those who resist anything, including the traps of an History biting its own tail.

Now, let’s blow a hole of fame in our reality, this is Monophonic 2014. Now, let’s encounter the champions of survival and persistence: rats.

WITH REAL PIECES OF: Marielle V. Jakobsons, Oleg Kostrow, SPECIAL ED & THE SHORTBUS, Nirvana, Stealing Orchestra, Vernon Lenoir, Young Jessie, Porter Ricks, Jean Roché, Pierre Henry, Mel Henke, Dr. Charles A. Bucher, Clement Baudet, Nick Cave, Plinth, Raymond Scott, Hubert Reeves, Damscray, Leroy Anderson, Maja Ratkje, Shirley Walker, Crispin Glover, M. Jackson, Baroque Hoedown, Pik et Rik, Jonathan Thomas Miller, Eden Abhez, Two Monkeys, The Story Lady, Leona Anderson, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, The Rat Pack, Eddie the Rat, Amon Tobin, ICFOS, The Tape-Beatles, Steel, Olivier Hespel, Ninja Turtles, Thomas Koner, First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, Thomas Baumgartner, Chris Marker, Minus & Cortex…

Special thanks to the Monophonic festival team, the ACSR, Radio Panik, Radio Campus… Not forgetting Moniek, always on deck, and Lucie Palanque for her “just-in-time” sharp eye.


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