Headphaune #4 with Christophe Rault


With Christophe Rault

By Floriane Pochon

Radio is music, with something extra

From syllable to breath

From syllable to breath, from singular to collective, from method to improvisation, it’s all about passages today, with Christophe Rault. It is about these tiny movements which, through time, connect and organize all kinds of polyphonies: between things, between humans, between species… What’s left? What keeps going through the ages?

Christophe Rault collects, assembles, and sculpts sound materials to transform them into documentaries, fictions, hybrid forms or music. Co-founder of ARTE Radio with Silvain Gire, he has settled in 2007 in Belgium where he continues to escape all expectations and routines.

Without filter, he gives us some personal impressions in response to our weird questions, recorded at the Albarède Theatre of Ganges, during the Bivouac with Radio Escapades, in October 2016.

WITH REAL PIECES OF : Un Thé en Mauritanie – Christophe Rault (ARTE Radio), Makam Hicaz – Hayri Tümer, Et Le Chemin Devient Plat – Christophe Rault (Phaune Box), The Art Of Fugue, Contrapunctus 7, Per Augmentationem Et Diminutionem – J.S. Bach (Fretwork), N.I.O. (New Information Order) – Robert Wyatt.

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