Sons d’Encre



By Floriane Pochon, Tony Regnauld, Elise Dejy

Universe magnification, time ripple, noise of the future & wild resonances...

Imaginogenic stop-overs

For the very first time at the Utopiales Festival, a listening lounge is open to everyone. Relax for a minute or an hour, in our spice station: Earth intelligence, artificial intelligence, extraterrestrial intelligence, animal intelligence…

More than 20 unreleased creations Phaune Radio with the most vibrant voices of science-fiction: a sonic present for the future of La Volte publishing house and its 10th birthday!

WITH: Alain Damasio, Léo Henry, Jeff Noon, Philippe Curval, Sabrina Calvo, Jacques Barbéri, Jacques Mucchielli, Marie Surgers, Aymeric O’Cornesse…


Fragments Hackés • Alain DamasioPolyphaune #12 : Cocorico Christmas