Jardin des Recherches Musicales


Jardin des Recherches

1st September 2019 14h • Jardin des Ruisseaux, Paris XVIII

The J.R.M. (Jardin de Recherches Musicales) is a yearly mini FM festival that began in 2014. An afternoon of sun, sonic experimentation, field recordings, and performances on the disused little belt railway that goes all the way round Paris.

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For this 5th edition :

The wild waves of Pali Meursault & Nicolas Montgermont, soundscapes & animal recordings from Rodolphe Alexis, Aline Penitot’s
sub-acute pulsations, Claire Serres melodic walk, Emmanuel Rébus’s sonic philosophies. And also a collaboration between artists from Tasmania Dexter Rosengrave,Michal Mitro and Julia Drouhin, sonic miniatures from Phaune Radio, Marc Plas found sounds, then the organic drones from Shruti Box Minimal Ensemble (Jean-Philippe Renoult and Moshé O’Grady). And also, an improvised radio creation radiophonique from the vineyards of Moselle in Germany by Mobile Radio and Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos, plus other radio transmission from a railroad in New Zealand by radio cegeste.
And always, the voice and sounds of Dinah Bird, the green sound explorations from Berlin gardens by Gabi Schaffner from Datscharadio. The violon and modified theremin of Docteur No, and the ambient soundscapesof Ocean Viva Silver.

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Mirage SonorePhonurgia Nova Awards 2019