Le Jeu de l’Ouie

⨳Festival Alain Damasio Tarabuste Phaune Tropisme 2024 • Comédie du LivreFriday 17th May 2024 18:30 Halle Tropisme, Montpellier Phaune Radio is delighted to reunite with Montpellier and her long-time accomplices: Alain Damasio, luvan, la Volte and la Halle Tropisme. On this occasion, we play with 10 years of crossed and hybrid writings to share with [...]

Anthropocene School 2024

⨳Festival Anthropocene School Ideas Festival20-23 March 2024 Lyon Phaune Radio is once again prowling the landscape of this vibrant festival of ideas, where the crossroads of science, art, and civilization converge on the theme of global transformation. In Lyon, and across the planet, as we navigate through turbulent waters of profound change, there’s a clarion [...]

Longueur d’Ondes

⨳Festival Longueur d'Ondes Festival Conversation & Mix9 & 10 February 2024 17:00 Le Quartz, Brest Friday 9th February, 17:30-19:00, Salle de commission 2 du Quartz Conversation Recording Unicorns, Remembering the World What do we capture when we capture sound? And if the ear always holds a question mark shape, what questions emerge when the microphones [...]


⨳Festival Cacophonies! 2023 BIENNALE OF THE LAUZES TRAIL27-29 July 2023 Lauzes Trail Saint-Mélany Convinced that new stories need to be invented to renew our relationship with the living, the fine team of the Sentier des Lauzes association in Ardèche humbly does its part by doing what it knows how to do best: inviting artists and [...]

Objectif Lune – We did walk on Earth

⨳Festival OBJECTIF LUNE With Le Bureau des Guides7th - 9th July 2023 From 16h From Lavera to St Julien les Martigues Three days of wandering in between with the Bureau des Guides. Sometimes under the sun and sometimes under the moon we will try to shed light from the stars on our relationship to the [...]

Anthropocene Radio

⨳Festival Anthropocene School Lyon Urban School 24th January 2022 12:30 & 20:30 Lyon The 4th edition of the week "At the Anthropocene School" -an open, sensitive, citizen university on global change - took place from January 24 to 30, 2022 at the Rize, in Villeurbanne. 1• ANTHROPOCENE RADIO / CONVERSATION : ACOUSTIC SIGNALS FOR WILDLIFE [...]

Constellation #2

⨳Festival CONSTELLATION #2 RADIO AGORA30th November 2019 15h Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil 15h-16h15 & 17h-18h15 outdoors, from theatre Soundwalk Born out of the meeting of non-profit ADDOR, Longueur d'Ondes Festival and the Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil, this highlights mixes audiences, listeners and creators around the same point: radio and theatre imagining altogether unexplored forms and [...]

Capitaine Futur – Outremondes

⨳Workshop CAPTAIN FUTURE SECRETS WORKSHOP Saturday 19th October 2019 13h & 15h30 • Gaité Lyrique, Paris III For young shoots and delicate flowers, two creative listening workshops to explore our secret gardens, guided by Captain Future, for the Paris Podcast Festival. Bifurcating off-road on the listening territory, Captain Future - the imaginary hero of our [...]