Anthropocene School 2024


Anthropocene School
Ideas Festival

20-23 March 2024 Lyon

Phaune Radio is once again prowling the landscape of this vibrant festival of ideas, where the crossroads of science, art, and civilization converge on the theme of global transformation. In Lyon, and across the planet, as we navigate through turbulent waters of profound change, there’s a clarion call for a collective rallying and a melding of communities, scientific minds, and artistic souls. It’s time to weave a tapestry of shared culture, setting sail toward new horizons of existence with the wind of change at our backs.



22 March 2024 – 20:00 – Dive into the Critical Zone
Sensitive exploration of Earth’s habitability
Gadagne Museum, 1 Pl. du Petit Collège, Lyon

The critical zone is a term used to describe the thin layer of Earth on which we live. It is within these few kilometers of thickness that the majority of chemical and biological interactions necessary for life occur. Within this critical layer, the role of water is essential: water that runs off, flows, mixes, and infiltrates… On this World Water Day, you are invited to come and listen to the sounds of the critical zone, commented on by leading specialists.

With the geochemist Jérôme Gaillardet, Phaune radio’s founder Floriane Pochon, the artist Daniel Pitarch and the water archaeologist Virginie Serna,
hosted by Mathieu Vidard, journalist.

23 March 2024 – 14:30 – Sounding the edges
Collège Truffaut, 10 Montée des Carmélites, Lyon

At all hours of the day and night, Phaune Radio lights up and reverberates the echoes of a vibrating world: natural and supernatural soundscapes, adventurous music, animal encounters, science, and fiction… So many substances to transcend understanding, so many ways to be alive. And beyond this cabinet of sound curiosities – our oddio house – opens up a universe of podcasts and sound creations for you. On March 23, 2024, at 2:30 PM, Phaune Radio will settle at the Lyon Graphic College for the Festival At the School of the Anthropocene. Animal blind test, cosmo-telluric tracking, forces of nature, and powers of “us,” to eventually brush our truths.

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