Midi Conference • CHOQ.ca

⨳Meeting Midi-Conference #4 With CHOQ.ca18th October 2018 @12:30 CHOQ.ca, Montreal Fourth edition of "Midis Conférences" organised by CHOQ.ca. We will talk about radio creation, sonic writing and the power of sounds (inter alia), but mostly we will listen! "Created in 2002 by passionate students, CHOQ.ca is today a podcasting platform and one of the largest academic [...]

Festival Resonance 2017

⨳Listening Session, Meeting Festival Resonance 201718-20th August 2017 @19:00 L'Esplanade, Montreal Magneto organises the very first radio creation festival of Quebec. From August 18th to 20th, Résonance 2017 will thrill the walls of the Esplanade in the heart of the Mile Ex in Montreal for three days dedicated to the discovery of this booming discipline. [...]

What are authors for?

⨳Meeting What are authors for? Debate at Scam27 September 2016, @14h Scam, Paris On the occasion of the publication of an investigation directed by Hervé Marchon "Radio: what role for authors?", The civil society of multimedia authors organizes a day of meetings about radio creation. Phaune Radio will participate in the debate moderated by Laurence [...]

PERCHED POND • Soundwalk

⨳Soundwalk PERCHED POND SoundwalkFrom 12th January 2016 @17:30 Beaumonts Park, Montreuil Phaune Radio takes you by the end to turn you away in this natural sensitive - highly sensitive - space. Stolen time and split seconds for a a stroll facing the City and its possible emancipation. A sonic drift specially conceived by Phaune Radio [...]

Fragments Hackés

⨳Listening Session Fragments hackés at SGDL17th September 2015 @19:30 Massa Hotel, Paris With the "Grand Prix de la Fiction Radio 2015", the Société des gens de lettres de France (SGDL) chose to award Alain Damasio & Tarabust for "Fragments Hackés" and invited you to a listening session and a meeting with the authors! "Fragments hackés [...]


⨳Listening Session RENDEZ-VOUS DES DOCS Avec Documentaire sur Grand Ecran6th July 2015 @20:00 MK2, Paris Just before the projection of Geoffrey Lachassagne's documentary "La Capture", Phaune Radio presents "Bibliobabil", an 5.1 unpublished sound essay by Tarabust for Phonophore, with Alain Damasio and Floriane Pochon. Partager Phonophore


⨳Meeting SCAM DISCOVERY PRIZE #Polyphaunes19th June 2015 @19:30 Scam, Paris Phaune Radio receives the Radio Discovery Prize from The Civil Society of Multimedia Authors (Scam) for the Polyphaune Series. Like that. By surprise. #Waow Partager POLYPHAUNES


⨳Installation Portraits chinois Women's MonthFrom 19th March 2015 12:00 Montpellier University For the third edition of "Women's Month" in Montpellier University, the Office Management for Campus Life is honoring 10 young women involved in student associations. Young she-wolf, junior tigress, sweet dove, superb owl, bipolar bear or disco mussel... Phaune Radio crunches 10 full-scale portraits [...]


⨳Installation SONS D’ENCRE Impromptus SonoresFrom 16th to 26th February 2015 Sauramps Bookstore Montpellier For the very first time at the Sauramps bookshop in Montpellier, Phaune Radio and Tarabust slither around pages, on every shelf, tickling your ears and celebrating the 10th birthday of the publisher "La Volte". From 16th to 26th February 2015 : Sonic impromptu [...]

Fragments Hackés d’un futur qui résiste

⨳Listening Session FRAGMENTS HACKES D'UN FUTUR QUI RESISTE18th October 2014 @18:00 Liberties Festival, Brussel On March 8, 2014, a Czech hacker posted 6 six-minute audio files from the future, which he had decrypted. They were immediately censored by European governments, but several copies were saved on clandestine servers. Contacted by anonymous Internet users, Festival des [...]


⨳Meeting LA VOLTE 10th Birthday1st October 2014 @19:19 Gaité Lyrique, Paris La Volte invites all literary explorations lovers, sensitive to multimedia extensions, to encounter its different voices at the Gaité Lyrique. For this first meeting: David Calvo & Alain Damasio, with Phaune Radio. Partager LA VOLTE


⨳Live, On air MONOPHONIC 2014 FESTIVALDu 22 au 25 Mai 2014 Halles de Schaerbeek Bruxelles • On Air Documentaries, audio-dramas and creations, from yesterday and today, from here and there, short and long, live radio, performances, gigs, meetings with the authors... Radio is very alive in Schaerbeek! There, Phaune Radio delivers live a special episod [...]