3 Pas • Mer des Rochers


3 Steps
In the Sea of Rocks

Text Floriane Pochon & Clément Baudet
In situ recordings Clément Baudet
Audio-edit Floriane Pochon

Just a vertigo

Stepping Stones

Right in the heart of the Massif du Coutach, the Sea of Rocks offers a wildlife spectacle. The petrified giants, carved from time, wind and rain, shape a fairytale landscape, a mineral ocean to let your ears sail, tuned for pirate waves and other fossil feelings…

Phaune Radio hands the mic to all theses forgotten vibes and creates some big shoes for you to feel and step in this maze of stones or on your sofa, to the edge.

First public listening, walking for the Bivouac Radio 2018, broadcast with a mini pirate FM transmitter, with Radio Escapades!

THANKS TO: Siham Mineur & Escapades, Elise Dejy & Yannick Villière, Juliette & Alex Volcler


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