What The Phaune #3


What The Phaune #3 : HEADPHAUNE #11
With Juliette Volcler

Rec & Edit: Floriane Pochon

Open a space for possible relationships

Dissident listening

Here and now, it is with Juliette Volcler that we keep moving in the spaces opened up by listening.

As an extension of her research and echoing our perched questions, she grows new horizons – critical, dissident, free and generous – who know that the ear will always have the shape of a question mark.

As an invitation to cultivate on a daily basis an active and engaged, global and inclusive attention which opens up our knowledge and shakes up our own innuendoes, here are now some leads for listening, between self-defense techniques, games of perspectives, sharing of territories, processes of emancipation and capacities for action.

Headphaune #11, Free listening and perched questions, with the brilliant researcher, critic and gardener Juliette Volcler.

featuring: Julia Hanadi Al Abed – Vase de Spagyrie, Hildegard Westerkamp – Kits Beach Soundwalk, Izabela Dłużyk – Dawn with the white storks, + Young great tits and approaching rain, Melissa Pons – Minho.



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