Tiny Tunes: Starfish


Metamorphosis: Starfish

Rec & Edit: Floriane Pochon

Duality is always secretly unity

Tiny Tunes From The Wilder World

Duality is always secretly unity.
― Alan Watts

Because all the stars are not in the sky, some are to be found at all depths of the oceans. First, diaphanous larva at the mercy of the currents, our starfish soon begins to decant to the ocean floor, until it hits bottom. Once there, she begins her metamorphosis into a juvenile star. That is to say that a second body, literally, grows up inside, to reach maturity. A new symmetrical form, with 5 arms, of a different phylum, then exists simultaneously inside the larva. The starfish eventually extricate itself to become the cloning and regeneration renowned specialist, while the larva continues to graze algae and navigate quietly on the abyssal plain.
Drifting products and vertigo of a life in two parallel bodies, in 6 minutes flat.
On this stage, everything is possible.

Tiny Tunes From The Wilder World, a singular series still in the plural.


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