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CoMute #1: Tube

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#1: Tubes

Rec & Edit: Floriane Pochon • Archive: Alan Watts

The first period of getting mixed up, getting lost is beautiful.

Alan Watts

September 2022, London Tube, UK

Since the path matters more than the destination, we could let our ears and sensations drift for a journey through the bowels of the city. Follow underground and luminous lines, let ourself be carried away without intention but with attention.

Travelling or clandestine sounds, real or dreamed rhythms, we let you take your place on board and we offer you the journey to somewhere else.

For its tenth season of podcasts, Phaune Radio transports you to the joy of a mutating reality where space-time could well expand.
Rarely one-way voice, sense of disorientation and just passing frequencies…
Don’t miss the connections!

⇒ A new trip every 13th of the month, to experience and share.

⇒ ⇒ Huge thanks to Mark Watts and the Alan Watts Organization for their support!

 [] Ambeo + BP4025 + Zoom H6
Listening with headphones recommended • Binaural recordings



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