Polyphaune #13 : Furry Tales


Furry Tales

By Floriane Pochon & Tony Regnauld

Fast & Furrious

On Hair

Brushing off all those thought scissors that make the fur fly and pull hair out, Phaune Radio shakes its mane and invites you to dance around the pole (Thank you for shearing).

Bristled but untameable sounds, Phaune Radio splits ends of times to offer you a new Polyphaune that should let your hair down. Beardy chirpings, synthetic curls, genuine fur and unfurgettable fluffs for restless bulbs, a strand of hair in bed with a world gone in the raw.

Now on hair : Furry Tales, Polyphaune #13, Season 2.

WITH REAL PIECES OF: Takagi Masakatsu, Solange, Sa majesté le Poil, Java, Les Cuys, Samuel Pottle, Bescherelle, Human Nature (Michel Gondry), Murmer (Silence radio), The Fly (Cronenberg), Pierre Perret, Austin Power, Masoch, Rémi Guichard, Cristo Tapia de Veer, Kiss Cool, Pink Floyd, Finding Big Foot, Amon Tobin, Monroeville Music Center and Connor Walsh.


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