Polyphaune #16 : Ponyphaune



By Elise Dejy

Oat for all, all foal one


In April, Phaune Radio continues to ride sounds in the racetrack, and as always upon arrival, not a single hair out of place. Hold your horses! Phaune Radio invites Elise DJ on the merry-go-round, for a no horseshit and no rehorsed mashup without blinkers nor blinders, far-fetched from the mare nostrum.

Sylvester Stallion, the Hoofington Post, master sprints, the poney express and trojan horses all up for musical sabotage or horse-spiel, purebred misc-jockeys and rump stars playing a well-hung Polyphaune for hellbillies with smoking colts…

Oat for all, all foal one, Polyphaune #16, Season 2: Ponyphaune.

WITH REAL PIECES OF: François de Roubaix, Princesse Rotative, Jacques Villeret, La classe américaine, Jean Rochefort, Jacques Brel, Fortyone, Cheval, cowboy et indien (Panique au village), Marcel Mouloudji, Sandrine et Stéphanie (Générique Mon petit poney), La ballade des Daltons (réalisateurs : René Goscinny et Morris), Ennio Morricone, People like us, Rednex, Jacques Tati, Linda Kebdani (Arte Radio), Dominique Petitgand, The Outlaws, Félix Blume (Arte Radio), LaMandragore87, Bourvil, Monty Python, Parrondo, Michèle Bokanowski, Dan Deacon, Louis de Funes & Jacques Dynam (Fantomas contre Scotland Yard), The Fruiting Body, Jack Cookerly & Dave Kahn, Ch. de Gaulle, Replay, Givengod, Dora Hall, Bernard Massi, Aurore Boréalis, Equidia Life, Emma Walter (Arte Radio), Sim l’oiseau, Sergio Leone (Il était une fois dans l’ouest), Pierre Desproges, Sexy Sushi, Marvin (Papier Tigre cover), Tarabust, The Avalanches…


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