Earigami #5: Frozen Lake


#5: Frozen Lake

Rec & Edit: Floriane Pochon

Ice, Food for thoughts

Léo Campion

January 2022, Jura, France

Resurfacing, yes, a little differently, to better blend into the landscape.
Glide across vast frozen stretches of land, in the smoothness of frosty sounds, where even ice bends at the bite of the cold and splits with the strangest songs, to the rhythm of escaping bubbles.

Powdery silences and weightless crystals, in the vibrating thickness of a moment along a lake in the Jura.

Just as a matter of never forgetting again the scent of the earth, the shimmering curls of the winds, the buoyant reflections of the flowing waters, the wisdom of the wild grasses, the patience of the clouds. Just as a matter of never forgetting the possible lines of flight on the ridges, the horizontal song of the sea, the powerful joy of thunderstorms, the scraps of the sky open between the branches. Just to remember, along the way, that everything is already there.

Simply, for that, Phaune Radio takes the time to make way: capturing the forces present and search for a dazzling opening of the horizon. Together, for even an instant, the space of a sound moment made of passages and folds, listening to what begins and what ends.

Earigami, every month, like a game, a ritual of multiplying dimensions and perspectives, tuning in every other end of the world, on the edges, at the fringes, in between, to get to know otherwise. So inside, out, in the present. Among others.

 [] BP4025 + Zoom H6 + Geofon


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