Game of Phaune 6 - Benoît Bories

Game of Phaune #6


Verticals: With Benoît Bories

Rec: Benoît Bories
Edit: Floriane Pochon

Sonic Grafts

Because everything is already here and lending an ear is often enough to receive the entire world, let’s be lead this time by Benoît Bories, through a landscape amplified by an emotion, or maybe through an emotion amplified by the landscape … By the rhythm of the natural elements, we find with him living interstices for a new place.
Transverse resonances and sonic grafts for a very timely striking chord, this is Game of Phaune # 6, with Benoît Bories.

You can find some of Benoît’s creations in the Phaune Radio’s stream, and on his website

For this new podcast season, Phaune Radio keeps playing around with everything.
A game then, a game of cards and maps: hidden treasures for the eyes, but pearls for the ears, it’s up to you to see… It’s up to you to guess where the sounds take you!
Immersion, clues and decryption: an exploration at the very heart of the enigma of the living, guided by soundscapes lovers, to relate a place and find a bond.
In short, activate listening: take care and give joy.


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