Headphaune #2 with Silvain Gire


With Silvain Gire

By Floriane Pochon

Totally impure sources

Make images with sounds

It could have been a sociological study, it could have been a far-reaching philosophical reflection, it could have been a wild portrait. It’s even better. It is a meeting and it is a podcast, every month, with Phaune Radio.

HEADPHAUNE Episode 2, with Silvain Gire – The big boss of ARTE Radio that, since 2002, offers a weekly audio magazine composed of radio shorts, that you can listen online.

29 minutes to sharpen your ears with the impish verve and the high standards that made ARTE Radio’s success…

WITH REAL PIECES OF : Trois raisons de vivre – Silvain Gire (ARTE Radio), Born Never Asked – Laurie Anderson, La Reine du Podcast – Charlotte Bienaimé (ARTE Radio), Lost At Birth – Public Enemy, Les cris de Mexico – Félix Blume (ARTE Radio), Dans l’ambulance – Claire Hauter (ARTE Radio), Y’a deux écoles – Delphine Saltel (ARTE Radio)

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