What The Phaune #1

What The Phaune #1


What The Phaune #1
Polyphaune #18: Fungus

Edit: Floriane Pochon

Shiitake happens.

± Shakespeare

Mush Up

At the roots of Phaune Radio, there is a certain taste for the compositions and decompositions of the living world.
So for this new polyphaunesque episode, we lean towards the realm of mushrooms.

Heroic night caps, sound myco-dozing off, praise of high morels, truffleshouting, singing boletes, underground networks and collective spores, we are never too mold for a non-exhaustive mushup.
30 minutes to have a lot of fungi without getting out of hand.

Elve – Mycelium Dawn, Ba-Benzele Pygmies (Recorded by Louis Sarno & Bernie Krause) – Women Gathering Mushrooms, Planète Terre, Génie du vivant : Les champignons avec Marc-André Selosse, Pierre Schaeffer – Cinq Histoires Étranges, Egisto Macchi – Microscopia, Floex – Mushroom Picker Dance, Terre au carré – Etudier les champignons pour comprendre l’évolution, Calculín – Técnicas De Concentración Y Relajación, Helena Gough – Spores, Mutliexerciseur K-Tel, Phaune Radio avec Alain Damasio – Mantra’ck #6 – Plutôt pourrir que courir, Henri Gruel & Jean-Jacques Perrey – Cadmus, Alan Watts – The Psychedelic Experience, Michel Banabila – Mycelium, Margaret Atwood – Mushrooms, Václav Hálek – Boletus impolitus, The Narcissist Cookbook – Fungus, The Day of the Triffids, Alice au Pays de Merveilles, eRikm – syberine in the mushroom, Helico Bacter – By the Fruit Tree, Fungi Flows – All Connected (Prod DJ. Afterthought), Amanda Palmer, Jherek Bischoff – The Mushroom Hunters by Neil Gaiman, Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics, Brainstorm, La Cité des Enfants Perdus, Smurfs Go Pop – The Noisy Smurf, Alexis Ipatovtsev – Champignon de Stradivari, East Forest – Bloom, Maria Sabina – Chjon Nka, Beautiful Chorus – Faith’s Hymn, Maria Sabina – Humming, Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow – The Visser Ritual, Björk – Mycelia, East Forest – Lucent, Phyllis King & Ivor Cutler – Time, Jackal and Hyde – This is The Sound of Underground, Emil Axelsson – Fingersnapping Super Mario, Anne Sylvestre – Le Bal des Champignons, Germaine Montéro – Champignon Au Pied, Super Mario 3D World Mega Mushroom Sound, Floex – Yellow Furry Mushroom Tune, J.B.O – Wir sind die Champignons, Gustavo Santaolalla – The Last of Us, Scanner – 394, Ashley Johnson as Ellie – Through The Valley, Reportage lors de l’explosion de la première bombe atomique française (13 février 1960), Sammy Salvo – A Mushroom Cloud (1961), Akira Kosemura – Where Life Comes from and Returns



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