Headphaune #3 with Valérie Vivancos


With Valérie Vivancos

By Floriane Pochon

The real in permanent movement

Where all is played out

On the edge, the edge between the inside and the outside, where fleeing and facing are holding a dialogue, where everything comes together, this is where Valérie Vivancos stands…

This is where we search for her and where we can find her, after she criss-crossed for a long time the edges of the world – from Sète to Rio, via San Francisco, New York or Liverpool.

Valérie Vivancos, aka Ocean Viva Silver, opens for us the doors of her sound perceptions, for this new episode of Headphaune – and also honors us by participating in our very first Phaune Box.

WITH REAL PIECES OF : Meira Asher – refuse: military​.​01, Valérie Vivancos – Slippery Seas, OttoannA (Rodolphe Alexis & Valérie Vivancos) – Get Rid of These Rubber Noises.

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