Free hairtime & perched questions

2016 • 2017

At the beginning there is … the ear.
And then what we do with it : On the radio, at work, in the metro, outside, inside, every day, every night.

So what’s going on and through your two ears?
What is left? what is right? What is escaping? What opens up?
And what’s so special about today’s soundwizards?

Headphaune, free hairtime and perched questions – 20 minutes every month to share common ground.

AVEC : Alexandre Plank, Silvain Gire, Valérie Vivancos, Christophe Rault, Sophie Berger, Félix Blume, Nicolas Perret & Silvia Ploner, Olivier Minot, Vincent Moon, Chantal Dumas


Sonifere, Dance-FloraHeadphaune #1 with Alexandre Plank