Scarabaeus Sacer


Scarabaeus sacer
Entomological Memories

By Floriane Pochon with Tony Regnauld

What an eagerness for a dung!

Based on Jean-Henri Fabre

“Here we see the emptier dung beetles, who are devoted to the high mission of cleansing the soil of its filth. We can’t stop admiring the variety of tools with which they are equipped, either to stir the stercoral matter, to cut it down, to shape it, or to dig deep retreats where they have to shut themselves up with their booty.This tooling is like a technological museum, where all the instruments of excavation are represented. There are pieces that seem to be imitated from those of human industry, and there are others of an original type, in which we might take inspiration for new combinations.”

WITH THE VOICE OF: Stéphane Galland.

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