Polyphaune #1 : Birth



By Floriane Pochon & Tony Regnauld

In a burst of laughter, from deep within the guts

Immediate boarding

Phaune Radio makes history and gets out of it a self & sound selection. An announcement as a digest of what we are: successively stardust, mammals big and small, reptiles, insects or amphibians, bristly sounds or oblique tracks.

An hour together to celebrate everything that is delivered and born in a burst of laughter, from deep within the guts…

Now boarding for a ruffled up exploration out of the cradle, beyond Earth.

WITH (IN DISORDER OF APPEARANCE) : Messer Chups (Countdown), Hubert Reeves, Alligator Nouveau né, Justin Benett (Ocean), Jean-Jacques Perrey (Berceuse pour un bébé robot), Monthy Python (The miracle of Birth, Meaning of Life), John Baker (Orbit), Kreptkrept (Chattering Insects), Dimitri Coppe / Silence radio (Effervescence), Lee Maddeford, Roland Vouilloz (Egg’s Song), Oleg Kostrow (Light Theme Patternita), Alejandro Jodorowsky (Baby Snake), Jean Poinsignon (Le Plus Petit des Hasards), Crapauds Alytes, Oleg Kostrow (Father’s rule), Jean Luc Lahaye (Papa Chanteur), Venetian Snares (Outlet), Daedelus (Muggle Born), Bébés animaux (castor, ragondin, chimpanzé, orang outan, etc), William Blake, Colin Stetson (High Above A Grey Green Sea), Amélie Agut (Pupe Fiction – extrait), Apostolos Loufopoulos (Bee – extrait), Damscray (The Ant), Thiaz Itch (HeuteMplon), Spoonbill (Finger food), Sound 8 (Music for family Fun), Bob Crosby’s Bob Cats (You’re Bound to Look Like a Monkey), Troy Hess (Don’t go topless mother), Francis Dhomont (Chambre d’enfant), Sesame Street (Martians radio), Atom TM (Interferenz), Nikita The K (Go Go Radio Moscow novelty), Fortyone (Kindergarten OMG, The Music Begins), VNV Nation (On air), France Culture (Vectorisée selon un axe cépahlo-caudal), Filastine (No step), Known In Bakersfield (Miniature ants), Sheldon Allman (Radioactive Mama), Dinahbird (Island Radio Magic), ORTF, Tapitouf, Timofey Vinkovsky & Igor Sklyarov (L.C.Daquin – Cuckoo), Guy Debord, King Kong, Ozzy-piggy, Moog Cookbook, The Nervous Fellas, Hampton String Quartet (Born to be Wild), Bugotak (Kon Togethy)

Special mentions for RadioMentale & Pierre La Police (Traumavision) !


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