What The Phaune #4


What The Phaune #4 : MANTRA'CK #11
With Alain Damasio

Text Alain Damasio
Edit Floriane Pochon

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Êtes-vous sûr d'être vivant ?

“Tu es fait comme un rat…
Qui rêve rat, vivra.
Pars, quoi qu’il en goutte.

In a near and vague future, an uncertain city suddenly convulses under a toxic deluge. Your only chance of survival: find a shelter. But where will you go? With whom? What will you be willing to do to stay safe and sound? What will the little voice in your head say, over and over again? And most importantly, is there still time to ask questions?

11 sound shots to learn to survive in a world that is just beginning. 11 narratives in the last person mixing ultra-realistic materials in binaural and imaginary drifts through the waves. For the use of those who have the good taste of not being dead yet, a radiophonic puzzle in 11 pieces with the words of Alain Damasio for Phaune Radio.

VOICES: Alain Damasio, Floriane Pochon



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