Longueur d’Ondes


Longueur d'Ondes Festival
Conversation & Mix

9 & 10 February 2024 17:00 Le Quartz, Brest
Friday 9th February, 17:30-19:00,
Salle de commission 2 du Quartz
Recording Unicorns, Remembering the World

What do we capture when we capture sound? And if the ear always holds a question mark shape, what questions emerge when the microphones open?
In this bustling sonic world of ours, each noise, each silence, each vibration tells a story, unveils a presence, invites an encounter. A few seconds of attention, and perspectives multiply…
But how to truly grasp these intertwined universes that appear and vanish? How does listening allow us to be inside these worlds rather than mere spectators facing them? How to compose with reality as it presents itself? How can the gestures of sound and radio creation enable others to feel, think with, and through the environment?
For the duration of a conversation, five artists enamored with sound explore with you the scope of a listening attuned to living worlds, capturing the unheard, the ephemeral, the tiny, the immense, and narrate the power of our connections.

WITH Félix Blume, Marc Namblard, Aline Pénitot, Floriane Pochon, Melia Roger.

Saturday 10th February, 17:15-18:45,
Salon d’écoute du Quartz
Listening session

In 2023, Phaune Radio, the wild one, celebrates its 10th anniversary: a decade of free evolution, a decade of explorations, ten years of shared flows and forces. Ten years devoted to resonating like a network of roots, ten years on the lookout for the unexpected and the unheard.
Our amusing, furry little creature invites you to stay alert and listen as if tracking: multiplying oneself as a sensory animal. A way to shift, even slightly, the centers of gravity, to merge with a world more than human, to better understand our interdependencies – inter-species – which are not just a fact, but also a strength. Phaune siphons all its wild creations, gentle or fierce, hybrid and unrestrained, and lets you relive in 75 minutes an entire decade of encounters, stories, ideas, and sensations.

An epic sonic journey to remind us of all that still remains to be invented!

Colloque “Le Partage des Ecoutes”Reves-Volte