RadioPhonie 2023

⨳Listening Session

RadioPhonie 2
Festival of sound and radio creation

Sunday 4th Juin 2023 18:30 Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Toulouse

The second edition of the RadioPhonie festival is an invitation to take the time to listen, listen to the unknown and see differently. The adventure continues around sound creation with an original program, without labels, in search of new forms of listening, and new sound places.
Festival of sound and radio creation, Radiophonie questions the links between creation and radio with a proposal for listening, performances and sound experiences.
For this new edition, the Festival is organizing a day of meetings open to the public around sound authors and radio professionals. A first small stone to imagine together and on our territory the radio of the future and the possibilities we have to support the creation of tomorrow.
The beating heart of the Festival, Campus FM takes up residence in the garden of the Center culturel Bellegarde with a range of broadcasts, live listening and DJ sets on the Nuits de Radiophonie stage.
With a feathered and sequined listening session at the end of the festival!

REVEIL 2023nuit#couchée 7 with Ensemble 0