Tympan-Pan #3

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Tympan-Pan #3
Carnival & Metamorphosis

19 March 2019 • 20:00 • Villa Gillet, Lyon

Spring is coming soon, and when you say new season, you say new “Tympan-pan” session. This time, Meteorites and the GMVL have concocted a program on the theme of carnival and metamorphoses. As an appetizer: the “Tiny Tunes” series, sonic miniatures proposed by Phaune Radio. For the main course: “Carnavàs!” by Péroline BARBET, carnival walks in Pézénas, Marseille and Walls. In the presence of the authors.

Tympan-Pan: 4 seasons, 4 sessions

Meteorites and the GMVL are launching a series of meetings dedicated to sound and radio creation. 4 seasons, 4 harvests of sounds to discover a new vibrant scene of authors.

Free Entrance / Mandatory membership to GMVL (3-5€)
On-site refreshment. Bring your cushions!


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