Paris Flotte-t-il ?


Is Paris Floating?
Anaïs Tondeur & Germain Meulemans

From 25th march to 26th june 2019 Musée des Arts & Métiers, Paris
Dream Trip in the bowels of Paris

Imagined by the artist Anaïs Tondeur, and the anthropologist Germain Meulemans, this installation invites you to a sensory and cognitive experience in a Paris revealed as a lakeside city built on stilts. From the tower of the chapel of the old church of Saint-Martin-des-Champs, you are drawn into a place full of stories, where the water is stubbornly infiltrating the stones.

Phaune Radio (Floriane Pochon) signs the sound movements that accompany you in the depths of the earth…

Tympan-Pan #38th Radio Day - RadioScape - Trensistor - ENS8th Radio Day