8th Radio Day - RadioScape - Trensistor - ENS

8th Radio Day


8the Radio Day
Moving Landscapes

9th April 2019 14:00 ENS, Lyon

Sounds, words, time capture or invitation to wander mentally within a radio space, a soundscape keeps playing with movement. In a radio piece, everything moves and everything converses. Then, how to define this very movement? By what means do you use it, grasp it and give it to hear? And how to create it and make it audible?
These questions will be discussed with Jean-Guy Coulange, sound composer (Le Labo) and writer, and Floriane Pochon, producer and creator for Phaune Radio and member of the Tarabust collective.

An entire day dedicated to radio, organized at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, by Trensistor webradio. Hosted by: Juliette Meulle and Marie Dougnac.


8th Radio Day - RadioScape - Trensistor - ENS
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