⨳Listening Session SPRING ROLLS BENDO FESTIVAL6th May 2017 @13:00 Grands Voisins, Paris Without fur and without reproach, Phaune Radio comes back to the Grands Voisins : primary instincts, laughmaking, standing ovulations, and natural election for a tousled spring. Let's meet from 13:00 to 15:00 in Jardin de Verdure for a wild listening session. Take it or [...]


⨳Listening Session Ecoutilles Wild Listening3 Mars 2017 @20:00 Péniche Adélaïde, Paris The ADDOR and the B-Ateliers collective invite Phaune Radio for a wild listening session on Friday 3rd March at 8pm on the Péniche Adélaïde in Paris. Taking off like a rabbit or wriggling out like an eel... Escaping from danger, everyone has their own strategy. [...]

Sound Bath & Banya Party

⨳Listening Session Sound Bath & Banya Party21-22 December 2016 @17:00 Grands Voisins, Paris In a deep steam of consciousness, Phaune Radio dives you in a frosty sound bath during Yes We Camp winter's festival. From 5 to 7pm, let’s meet in Paris in the heat of braseros for 2 listening sessions and a shivering blind-test. [...]

PERCHED POND • Soundwalk

⨳Soundwalk PERCHED POND SoundwalkFrom 12th January 2016 @17:30 Beaumonts Park, Montreuil Phaune Radio takes you by the end to turn you away in this natural sensitive - highly sensitive - space. Stolen time and split seconds for a a stroll facing the City and its possible emancipation. A sonic drift specially conceived by Phaune Radio [...]

Fragments Hackés

⨳Listening Session Fragments hackés at SGDL17th September 2015 @19:30 Massa Hotel, Paris With the "Grand Prix de la Fiction Radio 2015", the Société des gens de lettres de France (SGDL) chose to award Alain Damasio & Tarabust for "Fragments Hackés" and invited you to a listening session and a meeting with the authors! "Fragments hackés [...]


⨳Listening Session RENDEZ-VOUS DES DOCS Avec Documentaire sur Grand Ecran6th July 2015 @20:00 MK2, Paris Just before the projection of Geoffrey Lachassagne's documentary "La Capture", Phaune Radio presents "Bibliobabil", an 5.1 unpublished sound essay by Tarabust for Phonophore, with Alain Damasio and Floriane Pochon. Partager Phonophore

SOUNDBURSTS • Micro-sillons

⨳Listening Session Soundbursts With Micro-Sillons21st & 29th April 2015 16:00 Champs Libres, Rennes In April, The ‘Champs Libres’ Library of Rennes delves into the ancestral bonds between Humans and Animals… Carte Blanche to the ‘Micro-Sillons” collective for 2 panoramic listening sessions, for both young and grown-up ears. A really nice selection of sound works, many from the paws [...]


⨳Listening Session RADIO NIGHT With ESCAPADES29th November 2014 @20:30 Albarède Theatre, Ganges On Saturday 29th, Radio Escapades and Phaune Radio invite you to a listening night at Albarède Theatre, Ganges. From 20:30 to 7:00 am, Radio Escapades and Phaune Radio unstuck your ears and offer you a selection of radio works : documentaries, fictions, eartoys, [...]

SONS D’ENCRE • Utopiales 2014

⨳Listening Session SONS D’ENCRE Utopiales Festivalfrom 29th Oct. to 2nd Nov. 2014 Cité des Congrès, Nantes For the very first time at the Utopiales Festival, a listening lounge is open to everyone: “Sons d’Encre”. Relax for a minute or an hour, in our spice station: Universe magnification, time ripple, noise of the future and wild [...]

Fragments Hackés d’un futur qui résiste

⨳Listening Session FRAGMENTS HACKES D'UN FUTUR QUI RESISTE18th October 2014 @18:00 Liberties Festival, Brussel On March 8, 2014, a Czech hacker posted 6 six-minute audio files from the future, which he had decrypted. They were immediately censored by European governments, but several copies were saved on clandestine servers. Contacted by anonymous Internet users, Festival des [...]


⨳Listening Session SONOR #8 FESTIVAL13th April 2014 @17:00 Trempolino, Nantes [SONOR], the festival dedicated to radio creation, studies, jostles, explores sound in all its forms: installations, conferences, live shows, screenings, exhibitions... Carte blanche to Phaune Radio : immediate boarding for a time-stretching session, hairy, feathered, and sequined! Partager

SEMAINE DU SON With Catégorie 4

⨳Listening Session SEMAINE DU SON With Catégorie 48th February 2014 @15:00 Montauban A panorama of today's listening and sound practices. For this 11th edition of the Sound Week, catégorie4 proposes to gather and solicit structures, artists and listeners in different places of the region. Phaunesque listening session between 3 pm and 6pm at the Montauban [...]