CoMute 10: Funicular

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#10: Funicular

Rec : Stéphane Jourdan • Archive: Shadoks & Co.
Edit: Floriane Pochon

Continually trying we finally succeed. So: the more it fails, the more likely it is to work.

Jacques Rouxel

June 2023, Ficelle, Lyon, France

Since it seems that it is when we don’t know where we are going, that we go the farthest, we could therefore go there as toon as possible, with a rye smile. High flyer dereasoning, delusive care units and scaregivers, for an expedite and slippery therapeutic betrial.

And if what makes us laugh also makes us think, we leave it to you to pump it up before takeoff. For this last episode of the season, Phaune Radio fights a thrust issue and shows a true cometment for a nice boost . Ok, bomber, this is rocket science.
With appearances from the Shadoks and the rest of the gang.

For its tenth season of podcasts, Phaune Radio transports you to the joy of a mutating reality where space-time could well expand.
Rarely one-way voice, sense of disorientation and just passing frequencies…
Don’t miss the connections!

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 [] Ambeo
Headphones recommended • Binaural recordings



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