Phaunoscopie #2 : Animal Cities


Animal Cities
Nathalie Blanc

Interview Clément Baudet
Datas & Press Review Stéphane Jourdan
Audio-edit Floriane Pochon

What if we paid attention to all that crawl?

Changing scales

What if we paid attention to all that crawl, vibrate and proliferate where we don’t look anymore? Underneath our feet, in parks, on rooftops, the city is an ecosystem in disguise.

The invisible majority lives in urban voids, cracks and rifts. A transverse approach and scaling with Nathalie Blanc, geographer, head of research with the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) in Paris. She shifted her look to observe the species on the ground, like rats and cockroaches, with whom we get along with, often without knowing it, or rather without accepting it.

So, how could we imagine a different city? A city that could reconcile man and his environment, a city where hygienism and urge to control would make way for other configurations.

WITH REAL PIECE OF : Hymenopteran (Remix – Brian Lavelle) – Andrey Kiritchenko.

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