Headphaune #5 with Sophie Berger


With Sophie Berger

By Clément Baudet

Leaving room for sounds and landscapes

Take the road, take the time

When you feel this deep desire to leave, to cast off, so that you can take a leap into the unknown or just look at things around in a different way. Be surprised and find what you could not have ever expected.

Sophie Berger is used to raise anchor with her microphones, to listen to the world and share small pieces of dream. She spent 3 months aboard on a cargo between Le Havre and China, and a few years before, she had walked up the banks of Loire.

Sophie Berger works for radio and performing arts as a sound designer and stage manager. In her perspective, sound is a sensitive story, in which it’s all about body, rhythm, and confidence. Let landscapes, voices and sounds pass you through, to stand out a bit different.

WITH REAL PIECES OF : Chassol – Birds, Pt. I, Gavin Bryars – Jesus Blood never failed me yet, Sophie Berger – Loire, Cargo, La route chante quand je m’en vais.

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