Headphaune #9 with Vincent Moon


With Vincent Moon

By Clément Baudet

Let go through...

Widen perceptions

This month, Phaune Radio meets with the independent producer and sound explorer: Vincent Moon. Adept at experimental anthropology, Vincent Moon has been travelling across the world to film and record religious ceremonies and sacred music. You can find all his recordings under Creative Commons on his online label “Petites Planètes”.

For the last 3 years, he has been living in Brazil and through his project “Hibridos”, he keeps exploring shamanism and trance, along with Priscilla Telmon. Allowing for surprises, an invitation to move beyond conventional frames, to challenge our perceptions and to regain a responsive and poetic relationship to the world, through listening.

WITH REAL PIECES OF : “Ensemble of Ilovka and Podserednee, Порушка, Параня (хороводная )”, Les Femmes de la Terre Noires / Collection Petites Planètes, “The Wanderer” de Jana Winderen, Justina Serano Alvarez extrait de Sonidos del Perú JUSTINA (Collection Petites Planètes), “Black Magic Cannot Cross Water” de Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, “Yawanawa” de Vincent Moon et Priscilla Telmon (projet Híbridos).

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