Headphaune #10 with Chantal Dumas


With Chantal Dumas

By Floriane Pochon

In a same pulse

Those who count

This month, Chantal Dumas offers us her time to share what matters to her. Emotion, bound, movement, sound is for her what circulates and makes energies circulate in time and space. Listening, a gesture of exploration and welcome.

Her work has received numerous international awards. With over more than thirty works broadcast throughout the world (radio, web, performance or installation) Chantal Dumas develops narratives that weave altogether musical, textual and sonic frames.

Headphaune #10, free-ear and perched questions, with Chantal Dumas, in Montreal…

WITH REAL PIECES OF : Radio Roadmovies – Chantal Dumas & Christian Calon, 86400 seconds / time zones – Chantal Dumas, Personnal Recordings – Chantal Dumas 

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