Tiny Tunes: Frog


Metamorphoses: Frog

Rec & Edit: Floriane Pochon

Swim in the water
and jump when you hit ground.

Tiny Tunes From The Wilder World

Be a frog. Swim in the water and jump when you hit ground.
― Kim Young-ha

If for most living species, the metamorphosis is perfectly programmed over time, without much variation, for amphibians, it does not go that way. It seems that our frog – still a tadpole – is listening to the many chemical signals sent into the water by her direct environment and her fellows.
From there, she decides to speed up or slow down her transformation to take the time to grow in the pond or jump on to the mainland. Still, when time has come to make a choice, we do not know if our tadpole flees down or hears the call from above. It’s up to her to decide. And up to your ears.
From the larva to the tadpole with growing limbs – cartilage that becomes bone and gills soon lungs – to the frog that refuses to drown, here’s the bouncing story of a double life that rises.
At this stage, everything is possible.

Tiny Tunes From The Wilder World, a series with real pieces of living, guaranteed without dissection.


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