CoMute #7: Walk

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#7: Walk

Rec & Edit: Floriane Pochon
Archive: Maurice Merleau-Ponty

... In this world, it is impossible to separate things and their way of appearing

Maurice Merleau-Ponty

March 2022, Paris & Beauport, France

Since we sometimes walk as we dream, as we think, to get closer to what we are tempted to forget, we could take a few side steps on the edge of words and away from chatter. And if philosophy limps, nothing prevents us from painting the smell of trees.

From the city to the forest, there is a world, a world of perceptions to explore, a populated world where you have never been alone.

Suspended appearances, apparitions flush with the sky, thoughts picked from the branches, and invisible rhythms, the time of an episode made with the feet.
With appearances by Maurice Merleau Ponty

For its tenth season of podcasts, Phaune Radio transports you to the joy of a mutating reality where space-time could well expand.
Rarely one-way voice, sense of disorientation and just passing frequencies…
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Headphones recommended • Binaural recordings



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