What The Phaune #2


What The Phaune #2 : PHAUNOSCOPIE #8
With Vinciane Despret

Rec & Edit: Floriane Pochon • Press Review: Stéphane Jourdan

Who is whose host?

What if we lived in mycelium?

Among the thoughts that give Phaune Radio the strength to move forward every day, there is the radiant voice of Vinciane Despret who knows better than anyone how to resonate in a burst of laughter all the joy of learning and fabulating.

With her, we trufle hierarchies and linear approaches, we ferment plots with other species, we become one with them to feel the power of secret alliances and invisible links.

We learn to think through the middle and we populate ourselves to become multitudes and finally understand to what extent we are made by each others.

Introduction to mycolinguistics and fungal press review, it’s Phaunoscopie #8



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