⨳Listening Session Reves-Volte Ground Control10-11 February 2024 14h-19h Ground Control, Paris Phaune Radio celebrates the 20th anniversary of La Volte with a seamless, sensitive and sensorial experience. In our special station aboard the Ground Control cockpit, enjoy a series of sonic stops across twisted worlds. More than 5 hours of listening for a sonic and [...]

L’eau, parfois, transporte le temps

⨳On Air Water, sometimes, moves time J. Giner, F. & R. Whittle, C. RaultFrom 23rd April 2019 18:00 Floréal de Belleville, Paris « A single drop of water is enough to create a world » Gaston Bachelard Exhibition of Joan Giner, Frédérique and Rob Whittle, Christophe Rault, mixing sculptures in bas-reliefs and video mapping, all [...]

Paris Flotte-t-il ?

⨳Installation Is Paris Floating? Anaïs Tondeur & Germain MeulemansFrom 25th march to 26th june 2019 Musée des Arts & Métiers, Paris Dream Trip in the bowels of Paris Imagined by the artist Anaïs Tondeur, and the anthropologist Germain Meulemans, this installation invites you to a sensory and cognitive experience in a Paris revealed as a [...]


⨳Installation in situ SOIRÉE SONORE #3 ARTE RADIO18th May 2017 @19:00 • Centre Pompidou, Paris From floor to floor, keep an ear out for the sonic appearances of creatures escaped from Phaune Radio. Home-made dragon, bipolar bears, sexy pig, FM bees… With neither tail nor head, but with a certain sense of humour. Partager


⨳Installation Portraits chinois Women's MonthFrom 19th March 2015 12:00 Montpellier University For the third edition of "Women's Month" in Montpellier University, the Office Management for Campus Life is honoring 10 young women involved in student associations. Young she-wolf, junior tigress, sweet dove, superb owl, bipolar bear or disco mussel... Phaune Radio crunches 10 full-scale portraits [...]


⨳Installation SONS D’ENCRE Impromptus SonoresFrom 16th to 26th February 2015 Sauramps Bookstore Montpellier For the very first time at the Sauramps bookshop in Montpellier, Phaune Radio and Tarabust slither around pages, on every shelf, tickling your ears and celebrating the 10th birthday of the publisher "La Volte". From 16th to 26th February 2015 : Sonic impromptu [...]


⨳Installation TROPISME FESTIVALFrom 25 February to 15th March 2015 La Panacée, Montpellier To escape these running days, Phaune Radio nests at la Panacée within EXYZT’s capsules and offers you an horizontal selection, incitation to idleness. Indulge in slowing down the hours... Partager


⨳Installation BIODIVERSITY EXHIBITIONFrom 8th to 14th July 2014 Café Plum, Lautrec During the visit, Phaune Radio invites you to cross real and imaginary soundscapes echoing the exhibition. Little People of the day and the night, ice songs, batrachian symphonies, deep seas... Among other things. Partager